We had closed the curtains
I stayed sober
The air was warm.
What do you want to do?" you said,
When it's so hot outside
and we're all sweating in our beds?
Well, you go to a bar and meet the others,
 and why not making a rave?" 


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Two people preparing a rave hang a loudspeaker from a tree.

Spontaneous Rave

Spontaneous Rave is a self-produced mix by Laure Duflos.
Genre: Techno, Breakbeat, Club
Year: 2022


  • Aïsha Devi - Time Is The Illusion Of Solidity
  • DjRum - St Martin
  • Akito - Cherry Bisous
  • Zuli - Trigger Finger (Lee Gamble Remix)
  • Code Red - Dreams Forever
  • Soda Plains - She Has All Kinds of Temperatures
  • Crackboy - Ride
  • Sworn Virgins - Take Your Lady
  • Divoli - S'vere Frequency Puss
  • Elvin Brandhi - Tropik
  • Brecon Scarp - (Om Unit Remix)
  • The Caretaker - B5 - Into each others eyes
  • Powder Random - Ladder With 40