great liquids


Mix and draw free drawing session with music

"On the road" mix for NTS radio

Spontaneous rave at Hasenheide, Berlin


21.02.2024 "Mix & Draw" at Myslwiska Bar, Berlin

06.08.2023 NTS Supporter Radio Show

13.11.2022 Blender Studio, Berlin


On Great Liquids, I share my latest mixtapes with you.

Passionate about music, I also write articles that enter the universe of an artist, a genre or a scene. I'm curious about the breaks and contrasts at work and why they're worth stepping over.

Above all, I like to dig and discover new sounds. I break them down, try to drape them in undercurrents or float above them for a long time and see what happens.

I'll put my discoveries here in case you feel like listening to some music or reading a bit.

Thank you for your visit!