great liquids


Mayday Freedom Mix

Mix & Draw DJ Set: Good Music While Drawing

"On the road" mix for NTS radio

Spontaneous rave at Hasenheide, Berlin



11.04.2024 Mix & Draw DJ set, Myslwiska Bar, Berlin

21.02.2024 Mix & Draw DJ set, Myslwiska Bar, Berlin

06.08.2023 NTS Supporter Radio Show

13.11.2022 Blender Studio, Berlin


Great Liquids is an online music magazine where you can find articles, playlists and mixes.
Part of the idea is to help you discover artists and sounds that are sometimes overlooked.

From effluvia of consciousness, torrents of emotion, or the fountain of youth provoked by listening, I hope to embark you in a sea of dreams and help support the artists who bring us this pleasure.

Mix & Draw

We also organize Mix and Draw evenings, which combine drawing and music. They take place once a month at the Myslwiska Bar in Berlin. We get together to draw and play vinyl sets. It's open to all, free, and there's beer and lots of other great drinks.

Find us on Instagram to find out about upcoming sessions.

See you soon,
Laure Duflos