On the road

Never getting out of the bus

Often on my way to school at the time, I wished I could have stayed on the bus all my life.
Perhaps it was the comfort of being carried along, the trance induced by the repetitive patterns of the landscape, the excitement of a potential situation involving drugs or alcohol, or the silly jokes that elicited this emotion.
In Kenya, aboard a Matatu, one of those noisy, colorful buses, I was inspired by the dancing hip-hop it played, gengetone.
Back in Berlin, I created this mix hoping to make the trip last a little longer.

On the road

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On the road, Matatus, buses parked on the road

On the road, Never getting of the bus

"Never getting out of the bus" is a self-produced mix by Laure Duflos for NTS Radio's On the road series. The mix has been selected for the live show on August 6, 2023.

Genre: Techno, Ambient, Gengetone
Year: 2023
Running time: 55 minutes and 28 seconds


- Mamba grand entry messed up by opposite
- Dynamo Dreesen feat. DJ Sotofett 1 P.Gelberg - Asis (Part 1) - Ethic - Dondoka
- Joe Lentini - Brogidim
- Terreke - Amaze
- Ebi - Kai
- Ethic - Profile
- Mbogi Genge
- Ngumi Mbwegze Ethic - Kalia -
- Errorsmith - Retired Low-level Internal Server
- Ochungulo Family - Liquor Store
- The Pilowtwings - C2 Brigade des Moeurs
- Esir - Lyrical Tounge Twister
- Slikback - Just I
- SnP 500 - Reduce Something
- Daywalker & CF - You Only Live Once
- Sven Kacirek - Turkey Dance