Mix & draw

MIX AND DRAW" free-form drawing sessions give us a collective creative impetus, enabling us to bring out the unexpressed ideas in our everyday lives.
With a paintbrush or a glass in our hands, we set about bringing them together around a musical selection that knows no boundaries of genre, style or temporality. From the funky house of Livy Ekemezie, to tracks that gently warm up in the style of Elena Colombito the equally jubilant atmospheric compositions of Mica Levi, not forgetting an old Severed Heads with the energy of a live concert.


Listen to Mix & draw in free access here or on SoundCloud.

Mix and draw


MIX AND DRAW is a self-produced mix by Laure Duflos to accompany a free drawing session in Berlin.
Genres: Techno, Ambient
Year: 2023
Running time: 54 min and 47 seconds


  • Turn On The Sunlight - Sailing
  • Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma - Des C├ólins, Des Pingouins
  • Ausschuss - Frontier Control
  • Mica Levi - Castigo
  • Ossa - Behold the Stargazer
  • Ebi - Hi
  • Violetov General - B1 Give me all your love-III
  • Ghostwerk - Mind Palace Zone++
  • Efdemin - Acid Bells (Album Version)
  • V/A Roiju - Sin Gravedad
  • Silent Servant - Los Perdidos / Una Compilaci├│n
  • Joe Lentini - Taberet
  • Monobox - Rise
  • Rrose - Shepherd's Brine
  • Jerome Hill - Don't Be Afraid
  • Mtheorem - conjugated in boring crimes
  • Slikback - Bantu Zen
  • Severed Heads - 7 Miles