great liquids


Mix & Draw DJ Set: Good Music While Drawing

"On the road" mix for NTS radio

Spontaneous rave at Hasenheide, Berlin


21.02.2024 Mix & Draw DJ set, Myslwiska Bar, Berlin

06.08.2023 NTS Supporter Radio Show

13.11.2022 Blender Studio, Berlin


Great Liquids is a magazine that celebrates music and its synergies. Embracing streams of consciousness and conversation, torrents of ideas or the fountain of youth that listening to a discography, album, or track can evoke, it aims to onboard some of its users to explore artists and scenes frequently overlooked by mainstream media, providing them with a fresh horizon.

Going out in real life 

Join us for events that merge drawing and music. At Mix and Draw parties, vinyl DJ sets accompany guests as they draw each other.
The sessions take place once a month at Myslwiska Bar in Berlin. All drawing levels are welcome, admission is free, and there is draft beer available.

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